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Avokado ve Yumurtalı Sandviç

What is Diet?

According to the statement of the Turkish Language Association, the word diet has two meanings:

1. Diet

In Islamic law, in cases of injury or death, the criminal has to pay.

2. Diet

A diet that is applied to protect or restore health.

According to another explanation, the word diet derives from the Greek word "Diaita" and means "lifestyle".

Which meaning would you prefer to use?

About the Consulting Process

First of all, it starts with a free preliminary interview. You get detailed information and have the opportunity to meet with your dietitian before starting the process.

Apart from the preliminary interview, the counselling process takes place for a total of 10 weeks. We conduct our interviews online.

Our main goal in the interviews is to improve eating behaviour and gain eating awareness. We complete this process without a diet list.

You can contact us through the communication channels at the bottom of the page for your questions and preliminary interview request, or you can leave your information in the form in the contact menu.


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