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About me

Helin Yılmaz graduated from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Beykent University, which she started with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, in 2021 as a high honor student. Immediately after, she started Üsküdar University Nutrition and Dietetics Master's program. She did her internships at the District Health Directorate and various private institutions and also graduated from Anadolu University Cookery Department. Understanding the habits that guide nutritional behaviors, to discover what constitutes food patterns; became one of the main topics of interest. For this reason, she received training in Psychodiet and Nutritional Psychology, which lasted for 6 months. Helin Yılmaz, editor and writer of the nutrition and science-themed Bi'Limon Magazine, which she founded with her friends when she was a student, continues to improve herself on many different topics that she is curious about.

The aim of Helin Yılmaz, who has a consultancy approach based on health and science, is focused on understanding people, giving importance to emotions and spirit, rather than a process that focuses only on lists and weight; It is to enable the individual to adapt healthy nutrition to his whole life easier and to support the individual in every way necessary in this way.

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