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I am Dietitian Helin Yılmaz. I am here to change your perspective on nutrition and diet and to offer you different approaches. You don't need lists full of prohibitions and diet superstitions to eat healthily. Sustainable nutrition is possible in the light of science!

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It's Not What We Give Up
It's What We Gain

As we move towards our goals, we will have habits we need to leave behind. Instead of focusing on these, we should consider the gains that will benefit us.

Our Relationship with Food Determines Our Relationship to Life

What kind of relationship do we have with food in our daily lives, we reflect this in our behavior and personality. The healthy and peaceful relationship we will establish with food will affect our lives positively.

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If Not Now When?

The best time to take that step you need is now! We can reach big goals in small steps, but time does not stand still and wait for us.

Dietitian Doesn't Offer Faith
Offers Nutritional Wisdom

The main purpose of the dietitian is to give the person the correct and scientific information they need. Making promises that are not based on evidence under the influence of popularity is to ignore health.

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